Friday, January 19, 2018

Best ground pool

This product is one of the best above ground pools available on the market. This has the capacity of 5,455 gallons and is made of high-quality laminated PVC sidewalls, making the pool highly durable. Furthermore, the product includes a Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump that ensures good circulation of water, making it clear, clean, and refreshing. This also comes with a ground cloth, pool ladder, and debris cover.

Intex Easy Set Pool Available Sizes: 8-feet x 30-inch; 12-feet x 30-inch; 13-feet x 33-inch; 15-feet x 33-inch; 15-feet x 42-inch; 15-feet x 48-inch; 18-feet x 48-inch

Best Features:

This above ground pool (like COLEMAN POOLS ) features a Ground Fault Interrupter, which automatically shuts off the pump whenever the electrical current is exposed to the water.
This can be easily installed and filled in with water in as fast as 30 minutes.
This can hold water of up to 5,455 gallons, which is 80% more than the capacity of a small in-ground swimming pool.
This comes with a ladder for easy access to the pool.
This also includes a ground cloth and a debris cover that keep the pool off any ground debris.
This product is made of durably laminated PVC sidewalls that keep the pool sturdy enough for all the activities and actions while having fun inside the pool.
This also features new dual suction outlet fittings, which greatly improve the circulation of the water.

What Did Customers Have To Say:

Customer reviews revealed that the durability and the large sizes available keep the fun going. This can actually allow a large population of up to 15 to 20 people. Most negative comments refer to the type of location where the pool should be installed, which is preferably completely flat.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Garmin 78sc

The recently announced Garmin 78sc is at the pinnacle of the three model 78-series marine handheld GPS lineup. Not only does this unit float, it also features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, and two onboard sensors, an internal electronic compass and barometric altimeter.

The “c” designation in the model number indicates this portable GPS comes preloaded with Garmin BlueChart coastal charts covering U.S. waters while the “s” stands for sensor equipped.

The grey, black, and silver case measures 6.0-inches tall, 2.6-inches wide, 1.2-inches thick and with a pair of AA batteries installed tipped our scale at 7.8 ounces.

The unit will lay flat in a table top and not slide around much because of rubber covering over the battery case door and protective weather flap hiding an external antenna jack, mini USB port, and a Garmin 4-pin serial connection. Rubber side grips enhance the feel in hand.

I found the Garmin 78sc easiest to operate while holding it in one hand and button pushing with the other. However, for more manually adept users it is possible to operate the pushbuttons located on the top third of the front panel with the thumb without blocking out large portions of the screen.

In the box with this floating handheld marine GPS unit you’ll find a USB cable to connect to a personal computer, a wrist strap that attaches at the case bottom, and a pamphlet size quick start manual which lists basic operating instructions.

To learn more about your 78-series handheld GPS you’d need to go to the Garmin website and read the full owner’s manual there, or download, or print it.


Eight pushbuttons, with on-button function labels, and a single 4-way rocker switch provide operational control of all functions. Two of the buttons also have their secondary function label printed on the case face adjacent to the key.

The Garmin 78sc has five main pages, each one automatically selected with a single press of the Page button gives the user easy access to most functions. Hitting the Quit button brings up pages in reverse order.

The first page in sequence is the Map page and since the 78sc is preloaded with U.S. marine charts you’ll find highly detailed cartography here.

Next you will see the Compass page with its compass rose, waypoint bearing pointer, and data boxes.

The Trip Computer page is loaded with lots user adjustable data boxes. The last main page of interest to mariners is the main menu page.

Each press of the Page button slides a page icon graphic along an onscreen tape displayed over the top the last selected page. When you stop pressing Page the new appears automatically about two seconds later. It is a very slick interface.

Waypoints and Routes

An easy way to save a present position waypoint in the Garmin 78sc is with a press and hold of the Mark button. This creates the waypoint and brings up a waypoint data page where you can either just hit enter to save it as is or change the associated icon, name, add a note, or change the latitude/longitude.

An icon can be selected from one of several large groups with names like markers, marine, or outdoors. Waypoint names can be up to long and are enter with by using the rocker and enter key to scroll around an onscreen number and letter display. This is a notch above scrolling though numbers and letters for data entry.

Use of the built-in route planner made constructing a route very easy. I simple stepped through a few menu pages to select a new route with point chosen from the map. From there you simply move the cursor and hit the enter key to add a point. Pressing quit saves the route automatically.

With a large internal memory this Garmin handheld will store up to 2000 waypoints and 200 routes. That is pretty impressive storage capacity for a portable GPS.

Display Screen

Because of their overall size the front panel on the 78-series units has plenty of room for a respectably sized display screen. The Garmin 78sc screen occupies the lower two-thirds of the front face and features a portrait layout with a width of 1.6-inches and height of 2.2-inches. This TFT color screen carries a 160 x 240 pixel resolution and measures 2.6-inches on the diagonal.

A single quick press of the off/on button brings up a screen backlighting menu page that includes the date, time, battery level, and GPS signal strength meter, as well as a 21-position slider. You can adjust the screen backlight here or keep doing quick presses of the on/off button and select either minimum, maximum, or mid-level brightness.

I am going to rate the display screen on the Garmin 78sc excellent. When I viewed it outside in sunny conditions I found it easy to read with or without my polarized sunglasses.

Odds and Ends

The man overboard function on this Garmin portable GPS is activated by pressing and holding the MOB key and then hitting enter to select navigation back to the MOB waypoint.

I found this compass page best for navigating back to an MOB point.

I found the Compass page provided the best default navigation back the MOB point. You’d simply follow the bearing needle in the compass rose and use the data box info to know when you arrive.

To effectively use the map page for navigation back you’d need to have previously setup the proper data box information or all you’d have here would be an onscreen course line. I prefer to see an MOB function that operates with a single button push and has an automatic screen switch to graphic and numerical navigation data back to the point.

A rubber covered battery compartment door located on the case back houses the batteries and the microSD™ card slot. The mechanism on this door is new for Garmin. It uses a spring release slider to open and remove the door. I found replacing the door to be a two-step process where the end with locking mechanism was pushed in first and then the bottom had to be pressed into place with both hands. If you neglected the last step the unit would lose its watertight integrity.

A mini USB port, serial port, and external antenna jack, all located on the case back, are all covered with a protective weather flap. There is an optional marine dash mount and power cable available that would facilitate permanent mounting on your boat.

This Garmin portable GPS will do a wireless data transfer with other capable Garmin units. Marine information about navigation markers, tides, currents, and nearby marine services can be found via the Find key.

This Garmin portable GPS is not only rated waterproof to IPX7 standards, it floats too, a great advantage for gear to be used aboard a boat. The IPX7 rating means it can be submerged to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes without suffering any damage.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

New Yamaha eBike System on Haibike sDURO

What did we think at first look?

Looking at the specs of the new HAIBIKE SDURO drive system we were very excited to ride it. It offers both more torque and assistance than any of its eBike drive competitors. On first look we loved the motor integration as it all seems to flow with the rest of the bike frame. Maybe thats just the angle it is mounted at, or the fact that the battery plugs straight in right above the motor.
One thing we did notice was that the bracket mount for the Yamaha LCD display did seem a little ‘flimsy’ and you could flex it pretty easily with your hands. We brought this up with the Haibike product manager and were ensured that this was a prototype bracket and that the final product will come with a more sturdy version from Yamaha (we have this pictured in our exclusive gallery on this blog post here).
The battery capacity is on par with its competitors and offers enough range for serious riders. The Yamaha battery charger did seem a little on the large side. We did ask why and it was to do with keeping it cool and also more water resistant, maybe this is something that could be developed further?
The LCD display is simple, clean and easy to navigate, it does the job and the settings are adjusted by holding a series of buttons in sequence.

Now to the Riding!

We had the chance to ride the new Yamaha eBike system across the fantastic singletrack in Schweinfurt. This course is also used as the testing ground by SRAM for their new components, so the terrain was brilliant!
This is due to the ‘Zero Cadence’ design from Yamaha. You didn’t have to get a few pedals in before the bike assisted. It was there right from the off, the extra torque and assistance this system offers was immediately noticeable.
Although we had reservations about the display bracket being a little ‘flimsy’, we rode this bike for around 3.5 hours and not once did we notice it wobbling about at all – maybe we were just having too much fun to notice!
The bike rolled well with the power turned off, with no resistance felt through the drive, but we didn’t turn it off much as this took the fun away from it all!
Although we could have done the ride without it, once we remembered it was there, we did use it to make light work out of some of the climbs and it did come in handy. It’s a nice addition from Yamaha and will certainly help if using the bike off power.
To sum up the assistance modes – ‘Eco’ is good for conserving energy and the power delivery is enough for most to gently take the pressure off. The ‘Standard’ mode is easily enough for most, we feel this mode could be used for serious off roading and tough climbs. However the ‘High’ mode is just flat out fun! In fact on one very steep climb we came across; we stuck it in ‘High’ and blasted up just to see what the system was capable of.
During the ride of very mixed terrain the system did not skip a beat at all. We had plenty of descents and climbs. When we set out the capacity showed 52% on the head unit. After 3.5 hours of quite hilly terrain we arrived back with 21% still showing. So we only used about 20% of its usage. This was mainly in ‘High’ & ‘Standard’ assistance although we did try also try the ‘Eco’ setting too.

To sum the new Yamaha eBike system up?

Fantastic system and very pleased we were one of the first to test & review it! Really pleasurable to ride and although pushing the system hard it just kept performing. The reliability of the system will show in time, however we must remember that although new to us in Europe the system and Yamaha have been doing this a long time so any niggles should have already been refined out of it.
One thing we did forget to test was the ‘Walk Assist’ function. We spent little time off the new prototype electric bikes so never had a chance to use it. We are sure it works just great as does the rest of the Yamaha system.
Pros – Very powerful system, good battery range, gives support right from the off. Well know brand. Good integration from Haibike. Battery can be inserted from the side allowing better integration into smaller frames. In the event of a problem, no diagnostics tools are required. The LCD displays it all. The system comes in at a lower price than its competitors so will allow more affordable builds.
Cons – The Yamaha head unit bracket could do with more support, although this was not a problem at all during our ride. Also we feel the charger could be a bit smaller, but other than that it’s great. It’s new to the UK market so will take time to evolve.

Friday, September 8, 2017


The MC4000 is a portable controller that’s solidly built for the modern professional DJ. For those looking for a well built, professional device that ticks all the boxes for mobile work but also has enough features for full-on beatmixing, club-style, this controller pretty much has it all. The MC4000 continues Denon DJ’s mission of providing great professional controllers for working DJs, the kind of gear that sounds fantastic and that you can rely on night after night.

Reassuringly heavy. Nothing has really changed as far as build quality goes here, with the usual high standard apparent from picking up the box, before you even open it: When you do, you see that this is a heavyweight device, sober and businesslike, in black metal. The jogwheels are more Numark than Denon, but that’s fine – they’re completely solid with not a single sign of any “give”, and just the right amount of weight / tension to feel natural in use.

Apart from the obvious difference of a shift in jogwheel design from “old” Denon, the knobs and even the typeface used give a nod backwards, and users of previous Denon controllers will feel at home here. One nice thing about this controller, though, is the fact that (partly because it only has two channels), everything is laid out just that little bit more logically; one criticism of some previous Denon devices was that they were fiddly. Not so here, with just enough space around everything to make it easy to use.

The fact that the controller is designed primarily for the mobile / professional DJ is clear from the outset. Accordingly, there are two mic channels with echo and twin-band EQ for each; a split cue button; a mono / stereo button for the output; a censor feature; balanced booth outs alongside jack and RCA master outs; some classic pitch bend buttons (a la CDJs); very long throw pitch controls; a Kensington lock fitting; and interestingly, four sample trigger buttons with an independent volume away from the cue pads (better to have them separate for mobile DJs, for triggering idents etc).

The controller comes with Serato DJ Intro software, with a half price voucher code for upgrading to the full version, something of course that any pro DJ would want to do. This presumably allows Denon DJ to keep the price point low initially, and kind of makes sense as many DJs would already own Serato DJ, so paying for it again in the price of a controller is an unnecessary hit.

As ever, Serato makes installing and using the software easy (the upgrading is in-app, too), so the only extra hoop to jump through is installing a driver if you’re using Windows as opposed to Mac. Once installed, plugging in the controller in is the last step, and everything “just works” – no extra settings required. Plug in your headphones, speakers, mic, and you’re ready to go.

The MC4000 is a joy to use – if what you’re looking for is a pro two-channel controller for mobile use, that is. It lacks four software channels, and also lacks “controllerist” features like slicer and a full “slip” mode (but see later to see how this idea has nonetheless been implemented partially); plus, you don’t get on-jog fancy lights or stuff like that. Truth is that Denon DJ is gambling that many DJs don’t want these distractions, and for what it’s worth we think the company is on the money here.

The two banks of eight pads underneath the jogwheels aren’t really what they seem, as the lower four pads are transport, sync and shift controls, and only the upper four control any type of performance features. The features they control are all eight cues (split over two “modes” – you access modes by holding down the “pad mode” button and pressing one of the four upper pads), a cue loop mode, and a loop roll. It’s this loop roll that has a “slip” functionality, because when you select it and perform a loop roll using the pads (the rolled amount doubles from left to right on each pad), as soon as you stop, the track carries on playing from where it left off. This covers off the main use of “slip” out there in the real world, so the absence of further Slip functionality isn’t a huge blow by any means.

Looping itself is handled by four buttons above each jog. “Auto” simply enables a loop at the length the current loop is set to in software, so you could leave it at four beats, four bars or eight bars, for instance, and engage with one button (holding Shift and pressing the Auto button always engages a four-beat loop no matter what the software loop length is set to). There are loop half and double buttons, and a Reloop button for immediately jumping back to the last-used loop.

There’s also manual loop in and out, and you can adjust the exact points using the jogwheels (good for looping non-electronic beats for beatmixing). The FX are totally standard Serato, meaning three FX pots, on / off buttons, and “Shift to select”, and there’s the usual Beats knob for FX cycle length, with a Tap button for manually entering this. A Panel function lets you switch on and off Serato’s extra panels like the FX, sampler etc.

Of course, each channel has manual gains, and there is also the expected three-band EQ, plus a slightly larger Filter knob for each channel, too. The channel faders are reassuringly resistant and smooth, and while this mixer isn’t primarily designed for scratching (all crossfader adjustments are in software), the crossfader is nonetheless nice and loose (we have a separate scratch video for you below).

There’s a key lock on / off button, which doubles as a pitch fader range control with Shift, and you can switch Vinyl mode on or off to cycle between the jogwheels being “nudge” all the time, or “nudge” on the edge and “scratch” on the top. Again, pretty standard stuff.

The library section is simple but well implemented, with a sure, stepped rotary encode for scrolling, and deck load buttons, plus a nice preparation section so you can open and add to a prep window without resorting to computer keyboard.

While there are no separate master and cue VU meters, the ones that are there work intelligently, letting you monitor both the master out and the individual cues, but it’s quite confusingly done, and I’d like to see this improved in a firmware upgrade down the line, unless I’m missing something obvious (it has been known, to be fair…). Separate Master and Booth output volumes are provided, and there’s also an Aux In so you can plug in a backup source should your laptop crash, for instance. The Aux In is routed straight to output, with a single volume control (ie not through software).

The mic channels are 1/4″ jack and combo (XLR & 1/4″ jack), and nice and versatile, although I’d rather have seen reverb than echo as the in-built Mic effect, as it all gets a bit gangster with the echo up high! I guess the echo effect turned down low (there’s a knob on the front panel for this) would pass for a bit of reverb, at a push. One nice Mic function is a “Post” option, which feeds the mic to the main speakers but not to the booth, helping you to avoid feedback – again, a typically thoughtful feature for the working DJ.

The sound quality is excellent, and a step up from the 16-bit audio interface in previous controllers from Denon DJ to a 24-bit one (44.1 & 48 kHz, not that this is a particularly decisive indicator of how good a controller will sound). However, in this case, we found the DENON DJ MC4000 clear, loud and throughly pro-sounding.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Is their sexual behavior leading to difficulties?

Sex is not a comfortable topic for lots of people, although talk about it's become more relaxed and open. Individuals can talk openly about their sexual anorexia experiences and special taste, but what stays taboo are the sexual anorexia issues of individuals. Men find talking with their physicians about erectile dysfunction debatable, so it is not surprising that confronting someone else about their possible sex addiction therapist could be even harder and awkward.

Many addicts decide to seek support from a certified professional, an expert in the area. But, sex addiction is probably a subject most comfortably discussed among household, closes spouses and friends. For the moment let's address the issue from the buddy and family point of view.
sexual anorexia

Here are some signals a person you know might have a sexual addiction treatment:

Is their sexual behavior leading to difficulties?

Is pregnancy disturbs a common thing for them? Have they captured or transmitted an STD? Being careless about sexual anorexia, having random sex addiction therapy, or having multiple partners are indications of  sex addiction therapy NY. These behaviors show the individual has placed fulfillment of sexual demands above all other priorities. Are they placing themselves at risk for difficulties as a result of the sexual behavior? porn addiction help in the office creates a risk of being terminated, as does masturbation and viewing pornography while at work. Even if this is done off site during a lunch hour, all these activities reveal a lack of management and the inability to separate appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.

A few other issues less tangible, and not as easy to view, are ones involving how much time an individual spends on gender. Oftentimes, the addict will cancel plans to go outside or see, preferring to stay in to watch porn or masturbate. Individuals with an addiction to pornography will spend inordinate amounts of time watching movies and movies, excluding family and friends. Have they given up hobbies they once enjoyed? Stopped going out on weekends? Maybe you used to speak to them often and they haven't been as available lately?

What may be more visible are their intimate relationships. Do they bounce from 1 person to another in rapid succession? Are you currently having a series of "one-night stands? While there is no definitive amount of time an individual should devote to sex addiction therapy NYC, or a way to quantify how much pornography addiction help is "regular," if somebody you know seems like he or she is just in a relationship for the sex, and have been defeated in forming a real bond, that could be a sign of addiction.

Keep in mind one can be "hooked on love." The act of seduction and the rush of brain compounds produced when a connection is in its early stages can form a sex addiction treatment NYC. While men and women can suffer this, female sex addicts are more likely to show this behavior. It might not involve real sex, but a man who's continually starting new relationships (sometimes before the preceding one ends) or flirts too might be showing signs of sex addiction treatment NY.

Monday, July 10, 2017

DIY Roofing Projects


One common error made by those looking for the adventure of installing sidewalk violation in "do-it-yourself " fashion, would be to underestimate the total amount of time that it will take to complete a cement sidewalk repair. If you are performing a project yourself, chances are you're recruiting family and friends to assist you. When you and the one's people working alongside you aren't utilized to working outside in sunlight, then they can quickly tire and create your project twice as long as suggested. Also, if you do not have specialized concrete sidewalk repair, and rather use common household tools such as hammers and horizontal nose shovels, concrete sidewalk tear off can take more than anticipated and become a tiny trial.
cement sidewalk repair

Underestimating the amount of time cement sidewalk project will take can develop into a severe issue, especially if the weather forecast changes or if you're forced to depart from your NYC sidewalk violations done for a couple of days while you return to work or other commitments. I have seen more than 1 house flood, to the stage they had to replace sheetrock, carpeting, and furniture because they had been doing the job themselves. The wind blew off their covering, and also so the brick pointing contractors wasn't coated at the time, as an unexpected downpour transferred through.

It is hard to trap most brickwork pointing contractors because one tarp will not pay for the entire exposed place. If you blend tarps to cover the exposed brick pointing Bronx, then it's vitally important to overlap the tarps such that water won't funnel under tarps and to the living quarters and lead to interior damage. When tarping a brick pointing NYC, you also need to go around the water heater and furnace exhaust pipes, as well as chimneys and toaster, etc.. Many times, the wind will blow a tarp off brick masonry contractor in a storm leaving your home vulnerable to the elements.

To help prevent this, use battens (1x2 timber) and 8 cent nails throughout the subject of the tarp. It is always wisest to tear off just what it is possible to secure properly by that day with underlayment correctly installed around all waterproofing Bronx penetrations. Do not neglect to check fine weather forecasts, for example,, during the job, viewing satellite images of weather. A change in the weather may spell disaster for you and your residence.


Another common DIY roof repair NYC obstacle is a lack of experience. Your family and friend's finest intentions in assisting you on your job will not compensate for inexperience. There are certain regions of a roof repair Bronx NY that needs to be set up in a particular manner and order, such as ice shields (following drip edge) in eaves, valleys, and penetrations. This is why it is a good idea to have at least one experienced roof repair Bronx when you put on roofing contractors Bronx NY.

It's very important to put in a suitable ice shield in your roofing Bronx, particularly in areas with significant snow. It's essential to get this second step from moisture penetration and leaks. An ice shield will guard your home as ice dams up in the sidewalks and sidewalks and from walls. This roofing Bronx NY procedure ought to be carried out by skilled roofers Bronx to make sure your house is protected.

Also, bear in mind that inexperienced roofers Bronx can actually damage your shingles. Should they move throughout your roofing in a manner that scuffs the shingles using their shoes or gear, they can eliminate granules from the shingles. These granules protect the asphalt shingle. Without them, the sun can wear out the vulnerable asphalt where the granules are missing. These scenarios can be expensive and are easily avoided by utilizing experienced assistance.


When planning a DIY roofing Bronx NY project, make certain to take into account the part of safety. Make certain you are using a sturdy ladder with no damage. If you're on a steep roofing contractors Bronx NY, then you will need harnesses, safety nets and/or guardrails to avoid any falls. About 8 roofers die annually in the US due to drops, and a lot more are hurt.

Also, be aware of power lines near your roof. Maintain the ladder away from these energy lines, and also be mindful of these as you're carrying any metallic roofing materials. Electricity was proven to arc or leap from such lines for many feet when precautions aren't met.

Besides security in the roof, be certain you're aware of people, vehicles, and animals on the floor that may be damaged by falling things. It is not worth someone getting injured to skip over these safety procedures.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

Being a small business operator, developing a site is the mere area of the procedure for getting the company recognized online. Affordable local SEO services are certainly a key part of the problem, and websites that obtain the best rankings from search engines, normally have a tendency to get the many natural traffic as well.
affordable seo services for small business

Typically, however, the small company does not possess the time and budget to focus on promotion concerns, and they fairly decide to count on local SEO agencies to do the task for them. This does not imply that they keep everything within the fingers of the third party, as there has to be certain checks and amounts in place to make sure that they get value for money. The following fundamentals ought to be considered when getting affordable SEO services for small business.

1 - look for the most effective search engine marketing firms for small company

These service providers will have the knowledge and assurance of operating in a market area. They'll be more comfortable with employing legitimate white hat local SEO NYC methodologies to setup or renovate a website. One of many practices they'd employ is the utilization of many short posts pertaining to the same matter around your company, in place of choosing one extensive report. Very long pages obtain a lower weighting than smaller types by the search engines, and lots of people will surely not read the whole matter if it will take a couple of displays to do so.

2 - Improve your site to boost your visitor experience

This really is an essential concern and merely becomes feasible in the event the website is extremely amusing whilst also ready to retain the visitor attention. You do wish first-time readers and return people to remain on your site for lengthy periods of time. Not just can this extra traffic increase your revenue, but the search engines increase your ranking accordingly.

3 - benefit from header tags.

Search engines make use of the headers to ranking websites. Employ various labels - like H1 or H2 - to emphasize your products and services. Visit rival's websites and view their supply requirements and labels. That allows you to in by themselves New York City SEO companies, including keywords and when you mightn't desire to replicate their methods, this little marketing intelligence gathering can make you believe of additional keywords and things to try.

4 - Writing a blog and commenting on different blogs

So that you can increase your profile within your unique or relevant site's market, you have to be observed as being active within the online community, as this is deemed to be always an excellent Search Engine Marketing method. Blogs can quickly rank searching results, on the situation which they feature fresh information and quality information. The rear links originating from blog posts also perform a very significant function searching engine rankings.

5 - Use videos and also a video sitemap for boosting your rankings.

Make an effort to incorporate release videos of oneself and staff, together with product demonstrations. When you post the movie to your internet site, you must additionally employ keywords in text, after which distribute the URL through Google Webmaster Tools, and also post your movie to various retailers like YouTube.

As stated earlier, small and medium company owners often have budget and time difficulties in regards to internet marketing, consequently choose for Google best local SEO companies lans for the business, to be able to improve the return on investment. Generally, insist the 5 factors as increased above are within the support offering as these optimization methods have already been which can work equally in prior and existing online marketing strategies.